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Finnish product development

The story of AMOA is as Finnish as it gets: Finnish natural ingredients, quality and integrity. Finnish products and the work that goes into them are highly valued both in their home country and abroad.

Pure Finnish nature and the products that it offers have won admirers all over the world. The health benefits of our wild forest berries are widely known – and that’s why the cleansing, protective and refreshing qualities of cranberries can be found in AMOA products.

Cranberry is an age-old ingredient and a traditional remedy for urinary tract symptoms. The superb qualities of this super-berry are especially beneficial in skin products for the intimate area. 

Finnish doctors and experts have been involved in AMOA’s R&D activities from the very beginning. Through research, development and trials, AMOA has achieved the optimal combination of natural ingredients to suit the sensitive skin in the intimate area. As a result of the development work, AMOA has launched a product duo with a wash gel and moisturising cream, both highly hydrating and protective to delicate skin.

The special, condensed composition, effectiveness and high quality of the products mean that they are long lasting: only a small pea-sized drop of the product is sufficient to maintain the wellbeing of your skin on daily basis.

AMOA products are in great demand. Thanks to their high quality and valued Finnish origin.