AMOA Fresh -pesugeeli ja AMOA Balance -hoitovoide
AMOA Fresh -pesugeeli ja AMOA Balance -hoitovoide

Soft, younger-looking skin

Look after the skin in your intimate area

Like all skin, the skin in your intimate area also needs care to stay moisturised, smooth and healthy. Just like you take care of your face, body and hands, don’t forget to moisturise your intimate area.

AMOA is a Finnish company specialising in the health of the intimate area. AMOA products are based on strict scientific research and product development, offering safe and effective alternatives for everyday use. Use AMOA Fresh intimate wash gel and AMOA Balance intimate moisturising cream to gently clean, soothe, nourish and protect the skin in your intimate area. The natural, high-quality ingredients include cranberry, calendula and avocado oil.

AMOA products are available from the pharmacy.

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AMOA Power Duo: For best results, use the products together!


Nearly 60% of women suffer from dryness, pain or itchiness in the intimate area. The solution comes from Finnish nature – the effective product duo that contains cranberry: FRESH intimate wash gel and BALANCE moisturising cream.